The commercial activities of the partners of the company which was started in 1973 with sales of construction materials later continued with subcontractor work in construction of Kemerburgaz Kemer Country Villas Taş Dünyası was founded in 2003.

Since 1992 Öztaş ve İlkdal the group’s companies, have managed a quarry (aggregated) industry in Göktürk, for which they hold a license.

Since its foundation in 2003, Taş Dünyası which trades natural stones used in construction, architecture and landscaping industries as a trusted for its promise and business as one of the oldest and most reliable companies in the industry with its registered brand “Taş Dünyası (Stone World)” at its unchanged address on its privately owned area of 15.000 m2 in İstanbul-Eyüp-Kemerburgaz, has started Yakut Homes project which consists of 24 flats and 4 stores in Bolluca (İstanbul/Arnavutköy), an area which has the advantage of being the nearest settlement to the 3rd Airport, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Northern Marmara Highway and Arnavutköy highway entrance.

  • At 5-minute distance to the 3rd Airport
  • At 10-minute distance to the Northern Marmara Highway and Arnavutköy Highway Entrance
  • At 15-minute distance to the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge
  • At 20-minute distance to Mahmutbey Highway Entrance
  • At 20-minute distance to TEM-Hasdal Intersection
  • At 10-minute distance to Göktürk - Kemerburgaz
  • At 30-minute distance to Maslak
  • At 30-minute distance to Gayrettepe - 3rd Airport Subway, At 5-minute distance to the 3rd Airport. At 4-minute distance to İhsaniye Station. At 10-minute distance to Göktürk Station. At 15-minute distance to Kemerburgaz Station
  • At 5-minute distance to the Airport-Halkalı Subway, At 5-minute distance to the 3rd Airport Station, At 5-minute distance to Arnavutköy 1 and Arnavutköy 2 Stations
  • At 10-minute distance to the New İstanbul Wholesale Market Hall
  • At 15-minute distance to Black Sea Coas
  • At 10-minute distance to New İstanbul Interstate Bus Station
  • At 100-meter distance to the highway leading to the 3rd Airport, Northern Marmara Highway and Arnavutköy Highway Entrance and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge
  • At 200-meter distance to the Bus Stop, At 300-meter distance to Bolluca Center
  • At 1-kilometer distance to the Arnavutköy University set to open in 2017,
  • At 3.500-meter distance to Arnavutköy Center
  • At 600-meter distance to the Municipality Building
  • At 2.750-meter distance to the District Governor’s Office
  • At 650-meter distance to Community Health Center
  • At 300-meter distance to Supermarkets
  • At 3.500-meter distance to the Public Hospital
  • At 2.500-meter distance to High School
  • At 500-meter distance to Primary School
  • At 50-meter distance to Mosque and Children’s Park
  • At 200-meter distance to Mukhtar’s office


  • Two separate blocks with 4 floors at 13-meter distance to each other on an area of 1.297,81 m2

  • In each block, 2 stores on basement, 8 normal-type flats on the 1st and 2nd floors

  • 14 independent sections in each block as 4 duplex flats at top floor, and a total of 28 independent sections in two blocks

  • Normal Flats 2+1 Gross 84,20m2, Net 65,48m2

  • Duplex Flats 3+1 Gross 178,04m2, Net 148,19m2

  • Open-roof Terrace of 15.12 m2 on the Top Floors of Duplex Flats

  • High-ceiling Stores, Gross 113m2, Net 90m2

“* Images are just for promotional purposes and Taş Dünyası İnşaat reserves the rights to make changes in the projects and the prices.”


Natural Gas Combi Heater
Steel flat doors
1st Class Embedded Kitchen Set
Natural Granite Kitchen Counter
1st Class Wooden-Coated Room Doors
Built-in Spot Lighting in Living Rooms
1st Class MDF-Coated Kitchen Cabinet
ECA or VITRA branded Fittings and Taps
1st Class TSI-certified, Colorful, Thermopane, PVC Joinery
Shower cabin
TSI-certified Elevator
Color Video Audio Diaphone  
En-suite Bathrooms in Bedrooms
1st Class Tiles in Bathrooms and WCs
Living Room Windows from Floor to Ceiling
Bedrooms and Living Rooms with 1st Class Laminated Flooring
Power Generator for Elevators, Flats and Common Use Areas



2+1 Gross 84,20 m2, Net 65,48 m2
Living Room: 17,16 m2
Bedroom: 14,06 m2
Kitchen: 9,84 m2
Children’s Room: 8,55 m2
Hall: 5.96 m2
Balcony: 3,83 m2
Bathroom & WC: 3,80 m2
En-suite bathroom: 2,28 m2


3+1 Gross 178,04 m2, Net 148,16 m2
Living Room: 28,52 m2
Bedroom: 14,10 m2
Kitchen: 10,05 m2
Hall: 4,01 m2
Balcony: 3,92 m2
Bathroom & WC: 2,94 m2
En-suite bathroom: 2,36 m2


3+1 Gross 178,04 m2, Net 143,19 m2
Sofa: 21.59 m2
Children’s Room: 16.14 m2
Multi-purpose Room: 19.14 m2
Bathroom & WC: 5.28 m2
Terrace: 15.12 m2


Project Name : Bolluca Yakut Homes
Full Address of the Construction : Boğazköy Mahallesi, Ilıman Sokak,No:3
Building License Date and No : Arnavutköy Municipality 12.05.2016/389-390
Building Audit Approval : Mizan Yapı Denetim Ltd. Company
Proje Mimarı : Sibel Bayram
Starting Date of Construction : June 2016
Completion-Delivery Date of Construction : October 2017
Current Status of Construction : At %80 completion level as of 05.05.2017

The construction rises in two separate blocks on an area of 1.298 m2, and each block consists of 4 floors and 14 independent sections.
These two blocks have a parking garage in the basement which is the same area as the base area of two blocks, and there are 2 stores on each of the ground floor, 4 normal flats on the 1st and 2nd floor, and 4 duplex flats on the top floor.
Blocks will feature TSI-certified elevators and power generators which are automatically activated in case of power outage for needs of elevators, flats and common use areas.
Roof insulation will be ensured with stone wool and membrane, exterior wall insulation will be ensured with styrofoam sheathing and exterior wall will be coated with pop travertine and composite material.
Pillars of the load bearing column will be coated with blend brick, and exterior walls will have a stylish look that does not need any maintenance for a long time.
The garden will have a porch, ornamental pools, forestation and landscaping arrangements.

Construction will be made in reinforced concrete in accordance with the applicable earthquake regulation, by using BÇ-3 ribbed iron and C30 concrete poured with vibrator in compliance with the TSI.
Plywood mold is used in the foundation.
Horizontal hollow bricks are used in the exterior walls. After black plaster is applied, heat insulation will be made with thermo-coating system.
Horizontal hollow bricks are used in interior walls. Sound insulation is applied in the walls separating the flats and elevators.
Concrete roof system and stone wool based heat-water insulation is applied.

Utility water installation is made with TSI-certified quality material in compliance with the project and regulation.
Polypropilene pipes are used for cold and hot water installation.
A separate water counter will be installed for each flat and thermocouple will be installed in each flat

TSI-certified, quality natural gas combi heater will be installed in each flat.
Heating pipes will be distributed under the cement finish through sheathed pipes, and radiators will be 1st class aluminum panels.
Thermostatic devices will be mounted at inlets of all radiators, and normal bottom/top valves will be mounted at outlet of all radiators.

TSE-certified, quality natural gas combi heater will be installed in each flat.

A power generator with sufficient capacity to operate all lightings of flats, building entrances, stairs, elevators, combi heaters, garages and garden lights will be mounted.
Electrical installation and cables in the flats will be TSI-certified, plug sockets will be installed in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, halls, terraces and bathrooms in suitable numbers and with sufficient features in accordance with the project, and each plug socket will be grounded.
Each fuse board will have life-saving residual current relay.
Fuses will be supplied by Siemens, and electrical equipment and plug sockets will be supplied by Viko, and the foundation will be grounded.
Each flat will have a TSI-certified three-phase digital electricity meter, and 2 plug sockets will be put on the kitchen counter.
Earthquake sensor will be mounted in order to automatically cut the power in case of earthquake.
Living rooms of each flat will be lighted with 5 Watt Spot and Led system..
Living rooms, children’s rooms and kitchens in each flat will have total 3 satellite TV antenna systems, and central system satellite fittings will be installed.
Flats will have internet infrastructure.
Living rooms and children’s rooms in each flat will have total 2 telephone sockets, and each flat will have color video diaphone system supplied by Audio.
Fire extinguishing system and cabinets will be installed, and the stairwell of each floor will be equipped with fire extinguishers.

Each block will have separate garden entrance door, and the doors will be made of wrought iron and in double-leaf collapsible form.
Surroundings of the buildings will be insulated against rain water, and stone wall will be erected in accordance with the project.
In the garden, there will be 1 porch, 1 ornamental pool, germination, floral decorations and forestation, and pedestrian walk will be made of natural stones. .

Indoor Parking Garage will be made at the same size as the total area of two blocks, including the 13-meter distance between them.
All types of waste water, rain water, electricity, natural gas, drainage, potable water and telephone systems will be connected to the distribution lines passing through the roads.
Garden and landscaping lighting will be installed in accordance with the project.
Areas for garbage containers which have 3 separate accumulation reserves for proper recycling will be created.

Yakut Homes

  • Address

    Ilıman Sokak No: 3

  • Telephone

    +90 212 360 03 70 | +90 532 165 91 11

  • E-mail

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